Daniel Kawczynski

Jul 12 2015

Polishing up the European Union

Daniel Kawczynski, Conservative MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham, tells Marcus Papadopoulos why the EU referendum is absolutely vital so that the British people can have their say over the UK’s place in Europe The referendum on the European Union, to be held before 2017, is a major milestone in the politics of the United Kingdom.  […]

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Mar 26 2015

An election like no other

Sophy Ridge, Sky News Political Correspondent, talks with Marcus Papadopoulos about this May’s general election and how its outcome is impossible to predict. Achieving a consensus in politics can be rare and all the more so during an election year. However, in the run-up to this May, there is an overwhelming agreement amongst politicians and […]

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Mar 26 2015

Self-regulating the gambling industry

Wanda Goldwag, Independent Standards Commissioner chairing the Senet Group Board, tells Marcus Papadopoulos about Senet Group, the new self-regulatory body in the gambling industry  Q What is Senet Group? Loosely modelled on the Portman Group, the self-regulatory body in the alcohol industry, the Senet Group has three major purposes: to help fulfil our members’ commitment […]

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Jan 11 2015

With skills like that…you’re hired!

Baroness Karren Brady, Ambassador of LifeSkills and Chair of the LifeSkills Advisory Council, discusses with Marcus Papadopoulos how adequately preparing young people for the workplace is imperative. Entering the world of work can be one of the most daunting experiences in a young person’s life. And that experience can not only be daunting but also […]

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Jun 08 2014

Ready to aid the needy

Jim Murphy discusses with Marcus Papadopoulos what the impact of Scottish independence would be for working families in Scotland and how a Labour Government would ensure that UK aid reaches the intended destination and the consequences for countries in receipt of aid which disregard human rights.

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Apr 20 2014

The Green shoots of politics

Caroline Lucas talks with Marcus Papadopoulos about differences between the European Parliament and the House of Commons, whether the Green Party will be a long-term force in British politics and the Coalition Government’s approach to the environment.

The Green shoots of politics »

Feb 12 2014

Staying true to the cause

Michael Meacher MP discusses with Marcus Papadopoulos his impressions of the three Prime Ministers he served under, where he feels British politics has gone wrong today, what is needed to free the UK of its economic shackles and what Britain’s relationship with the European Union and the United States should be.

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