The Conservatives will give Britain strong and stable leadership at what is a crucial time for our country

Monday 28th August 2017





Patrick McLoughlin, Chairman of the Conservative Party and Conservative Party Parliamentary Candidate for Derbyshire Dales

The next five years will be the most challenging that Britain has faced in recent memory.

Our future prosperity, our place in the world, our standard of living, all depend on getting the next five years right.

Just 11 days after Election day, the European Union have said that they want to begin Brexit negotiations with Britain, and the person in that negotiating chair with responsibility for our country’s future will either be Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn.

The person in that chair is so important because getting those negotiations right is central to everything. They need to be up to the job and ready to start from day one.

Get Brexit wrong and we get everything else wrong. From looking after our elderly to educating our children to the vital public services we all rely on – everything depends on getting Brexit right.

Now more than ever Britain needs strong and stable leadership to take advantage of the opportunities which Brexit brings and control our borders, our laws – and to protect our national security. The only person who can do that is Theresa May.

Theresa May and her Conservative team have a plan for Brexit and the ability to deliver. And she needs every vote from every part of the country to give her the best hand at those negotiations, just 11 days after you vote.

With a strong hand in Brexit negotiations, Theresa May can guarantee our economic security and deliver her plan for a stronger Britain, that will secure the best deal from Brexit to control our laws, borders and money. That will be an outward looking deal that will strike new trade deals for our goods and services with new friends and old partners around the world.

It will be the right deal for business, backing those who want to work hard, by helping businesses create more and better-paid jobs – with new rights and protections for workers.

And crucially, at a time when the threat posed by those who wish to do us harm and attack our way of life has never felt more close to home, Theresa May’s plan will protect our national security and defences by fighting terrorism and taking effective action against extremists.

It is vital that we give Theresa May the strongest possible hand in the Brexit negotiations, to deliver her plan for a stronger Britain for you and your family.

This vote is crucial. In the days of shock election results, Jeremy Corbyn really could become Prime Minister – and the polls are tightening. No one can be sure who will win. And with so much at stake, we cannot risk it.

A loss of just six seats and Theresa May’s Government loses its majority. It would mean Jeremy Corbyn imposed as Prime Minister, propped up by the Scottish National Party and minor parties calling the shots on Brexit and tax rises in return for their support.

And Jeremy Corbyn simply is not equipped to negotiate Brexit, keep our economy strong or our nation secure. Three-quarters of Labour MPs do not think Jeremy Corbyn is up to the job of leading Labour, let alone leading the country. If you do not want Jeremy Corbyn to be the prime minister of this country and if you do not believe he is equipped to  negotiate Brexit, keep our economy strong or our nation secure, then there is no safe way to vote Labour – wherever you live.

We have a plan to get the best deal from Brexit, but need every vote to strengthen Theresa May’s and the UK’s negotiating position. Our Labour, Liberal Democrat and SNP opponents are already seeking to disrupt our negotiations. That is in addition to the 27 European countries lining up to oppose us.

Vote for Theresa May and her local Conservative candidate in your area to help us secure the best deal to strengthen our economy, and helps us get on with the job of making life in the UK even better.

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